[App Inventor] V125 release note.

App Inventor V125上線了, 雖然大家登入後不太有特別的感覺, 但還是列出本篇。



  • Added the ability for app’s created with this version of App Inventor v125, to be uploaded to Google Play.
  • Fixed Searching in documentation.
  • launch_buildserver script now accepts command line arguments.
  • Fixed numerous issues in the documentation pages.
  • App Inventor should now work better with IE9.
  • Fixed sign out link.
  • Added a Shape property to the Button component.
  • Fixed orientation sensor documentation bug.
  • Made changes to make Button FontSize dynamic.
  • Updated notepad.jnlp to fix broken link.
  • Made the “/learn”, “/about”, and “/forum” subtrees not require login.
  • Added some minor logging improvements.


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