BricxCC來囉, 大家趕快裝起來玩玩看


– NBC 1.2.1.r4
– Fixed reported problem with saving to non BMP file types from NXT Screen tool.
– Fixed a problem with the internal compiler when connected via bluetooth.
– HTML help fix (unable to load hhctrl.ocx)
– Added text viewer
– Added manual loading of symbol file in watch and new watch tools
– Added hot keys for close comm and find brick
– Added support for user-defined API functions in code completion
– Modified firmware download so that it allows more time for brick to boot in SAMBA mode
– Added symbol file library path and exposed it and UserDataLocalPath in preferences
– Loading symbol file manually in watch tools.
– AVI movie changes in NXT Screen tool.
– ROPS improvements
– New variable watch tool classes
– Variable watching changes
– More NXT Watch list changes
– ROPS debug support change.
– Added status messages for compiler download problems
– Added additional keyboard support to Joystick tool
– ctrl-click changes in the editor

One thought on “BricxCC

  1. appli says:支援比較多的新的程式碼




    [版主回覆08/06/2011 16:49:22]您有參考我們的"機器人新視界"這本書嘛?   裡頭就有談到I2C, 不過codatex應該有對應的NXC指令, 不需要用I2C指令硬碰硬才對呀~ 有問題歡迎繼續討論.


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