Lego Mindstorms Nxt Power Programming: Robotics in C 再版差異

之前探奇有提到 John Hansen 先生這本書再版的消息(按此處聯結至文章)。

不過關於第二版跟第一版的差異,在它的出版社(Variant Press)也找不到,都已經上市快兩個月了說…


有人在NXT討論版 提出了這個問題 得到 John Hansen 的答覆,在這裡引用:

There is a cool new chapter about building and programming a SCARA robotic arm which demonstrates using floating point math and various enhanced math functions along with inverse kinematics, point-to-point motion, continuous path motion, etc… My thanks to Yorihisa Yamamoto for allowing me to use a few images from his SCARA PDF and an arm that is closely modelled after portions of his robotic arm.

Nearly every chapter has been revised to cover NXT 2.0 parts and firmware features. The NXC API appendix has been updated with coverage of API functions added since the first edition. The chapter that covers the NXC programming language was also updated with information about the enhanced features that have been added to NXC since the first edition was printed, such as float support, enhanced math operations, API support for the new LEGO color sensor, and more. There are updated screenshots showing the latest version of BricxCC. The BricxCC chapter describes variable watching as well as the new (for the NXT) Remote tool.

If you already have the first edition then a lot of the content will be very much like what you already have. I can’t tell you whether you will think the second edition is worth buying or not. I think it is. 🙂

John Hansen

基本上就是多一章機器臂的專題,以及針對NXT 2.0 做了一些修正。

雖然我已經有第一版了 不過看起來第二版也是蠻值得買的 哈哈。

Benedettelli 的新書出了以後 再一起跟 amazon 訂購!


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