KIDS TECH Challenge

看看有沒有機會可以去 haha

ln the spring of 2010 the LEGO Group will host a KIDS TECH Conference – this might be an opportunity for you to show us the potential of your technology ideas.

The aim of the conference is to bring forward new ideas for LEGO® experiences using technology. It can be technology ingredients, ideas or concepts – innovative application of very simpletechnology or more complex technologies at play.

The mission of the LEGO Group is to


How will technology inspire and develop kid’s creativity?
What role does technology play for the builders of tomorrow?

We would like you to take on the challenge of helping us at the LEGO Group to discover new ways of using technology.

Part of the LEGO KIDS TECH Conference will be a fair where technology ideas can be
demonstrated – we intend this fair to be a hands-on experience with prototypes used in LEGO play.

What to do! To participate at the LEGO KIDS TECH Conference you should describe your idea by answering the following questions:

  • What is the LEGO experience your idea will provide?
  • How will it inspire and develop kid's creativity?
  • How do kids play with it?
  • Why is it relevant for the LEGO Group?
  • How will you present it?

Mail your description to
All the incoming ideas will be evaluated and contributors of those selected will be contacted with further details. We cannot guarantee that we will have sufficient space to accommodate all requests for participation.

Deadline for submission of ideas is 30th of November 2009


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