App Inventor 原始碼公布了   <-  原始碼連結

看來MIT App Inventor上線的時間不遠了, 太好啦~

以下是公告訊息, 幫各位摘錄重點:

1. App Inventor 原始碼已公布, 文件還在製作中。 等到MIT 的App Inventor server上線之後, 會秉持開放原始碼的精神讓更多人一同投入, 但目前為止請讓MIT人員全心完成。

2. 有興趣的人可以自由使用 App Inventor一詞以及logo。MIT 的App Inventor server 將使用 [MIT App Inventor]作為正式名稱。

Google and MIT are pleased to announce the initial free and open-source release from Google of the App Inventor source code

There’s currently little supporting documentation yet, and we’re not accepting contributions to the code right now. That will happen later, after the MIT Center of Mobile Learning opens their App Inventor server to the public. We hope to nurture a robust and active open-source project eventually, but for now we don’t want to distract the MIT developers from their efforts to complete and deploy the large-scale public server. In the meantime, we’ll update the code periodically to match what’s running at the latest MIT experimental system. We’ve also created a Google Group here
for people working with the code to relate their experiences with the code, ask questions, help each other, etc.

People who create modifications from this code base are free to use the term “App Inventor” and the puzzle-piece Android logo in their work. MIT will be releasing its own versions under the name “MIT App Inventor”, which is reserved for the systems actually coming from MIT.

See SourceMap
for a high level description of the various source directories.

See BuildingAndRunning
to get started building and running App Inventor from this code.

Enjoy the code, and Happy Inventing!


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