[Sariel] Scaling Tutorial for Vehicles

繼上次的Gear tutorial之後, 這次Sariel教大家他是如何將真實的車輛或機器轉換成LEGO model. Really useful。

不過阿吉看了之後還是做不大出來, 這些人對於零件的掌握度實在是太高了。 某方面來說,  他們的零件也多到好像無限一樣. 真羨慕啊…



If you’re interested in building LEGO models of the vehicles, here’s something for you: I have just published a tutorial on scaling of models at sariel.pl. It’s even more extensive than my previous tutorial on LEGO gears and it’s full of building tips. I hope it will be of some use to you. The publication of the tutorial doesn’t mean that the Volvo is delayed – I have taken a day off at December 31st and I expect it to be finished & published on this day. Please be patient though – I am already sacrificing my leave of absence & my New Year’s Eve to get this model done.



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