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別再相信小道消息或亂猜,MIT將於2012Q1完成app inventor轉移,使用方式與現在是預期一樣的。請大家備份檔案後安心使用。我們的書已經準備好了!!



When will the Google App Inventor service shut down?

Google support of App Inventor will end on December 31, 2011.

When will the public MIT App Inventor service be available?

We MIT anticipate the public instance of App Inventor will be available for the general public to access some time in the first quarter of 2012. 會在2011/12/31關站, MIT版本的App Inventor 預計在2012年Q1(1~3月)之間發布。

Will my current App Inventor projects transfer automatically to the MIT service?

No, legally Google is not allowed to give your project data to MIT. You will need to download your projects to your computer and upload them to the MIT service when it becomes available.

What do I need to do to preserve my projects when the Google service shuts down?

You will need to download your projects to your computer. The “Download all projects” button will create a zip
file of all your projects. Unzipping that will produce a folder with all your projects (each project itself
is a zip file) and you can upload them individually to a new App Inventor service when it becomes available.

現在的檔案要請大家在12/31前打包回自己的電腦存檔, 已經有一鍵下載的功能了。 由於法律與隱私考量, 所以Google不能直接把資料轉過去給MIT。 所以之後重新上傳相關檔案是必要的。 也順便整理一下程式囉。

Will my current Google projects run on the MIT public service?

Yes. The MIT instance of App Inventor will run almost exactly like the Google version.

這一句最重要啦!!  MIT版的App Inventor會和現行的版本基本上一模一樣。

How can I use App Inventor before the public MIT service becomes available?

MIT plans to distribute code before the end of 2011 that people can use to deploy private instances of App Inventor for small groups. These will run on Google App Engine. Details on how to take advantage of this will be posted on the App Inventor Forums as well as

How can I teach a course using App Inventor before the MIT service becomes available if I am unable to run my own App Engine service?

You’ll need to get help from someone who can run an App Engine service and deploy the MIT code for you. Until the public instance of App Inventor is running at MIT, the only way to use App Inventor will be to run an individual instance of App Inventor on App Engine or find someone who can run one for you.

以上兩個問題的答案表示, 會有一段空窗期, 但不會太久, 最慢就是2011年的3月左右。 在這之中就要找到有人自己架一個App Inventor的 Google App Engine來測試。


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